Fifteen year-old lacrosse player Hunter Crispian, his absurdly smart little sister, Tilly, and his quirky best friend and lacrosse teammate, Chase are sailing to the Bahamas on a family vacation. "It will be the adventure of a lifetime," Hunter's dad promises. Talk about an understatement. Caught in a strange, sudden storm in the Bermuda Triangle, Mr. and Mrs. Crispian vanish into thin air and the three children are transported back to the year 1711, smack into the middle of a highly-charged conflict between two Native American Indian tribes. When the tribal chiefs declare a "Tewaarathon" or lacrosse game known as "Little Brother of War," Hunter and Chase soon learn that this will be no ordinary lacrosse game. In a contest without pads or helmets, rules or referees, the stakes are high. Win and the children shall go free. Lose and Hunter will die.